The Italy Finance Center of Excellence provides full-spectrum, responsive finance and accounting services in the Vicenza Military Community, joint and combined theaters while enhancing capability for the combatant commander through cash management, contracting support and accountability on the battlefield.


A team of technically competent, dedicated professionals focused on Army auditability and providing outstanding finance services to Soldiers in Europe.

The IFCE is comprised of six departments:
Military; Italian Local National Pay; Disbursing; Commercial Vendor Pay; Accounting; Internal Control.

Military Pay includes the following sections:
In & Out Processing; Local National Travel Pay; Separations, Military Pay Processing; Customer Service; Reserve Pay and Military Pay Review. These sections provide comprehensive Military Pay support to all Soldiers assigned in the Vicenza Military Community, Livorno Military Community, and NATO BDE South.

Military Pay Processing: Provides assistance to unit S-1 and PAC personnel. This section processes the majority of all military pay changes submitted by S-1 and PAC personnel.

Reserve Pay: Provides services to RC/ARNG Soldiers. Reserve Pay In-processing Brief/Information

Customer Service: Provides assistance for Soldiers with pay issues that cannot be resolved at the unit level. Soldiers should seek assistance through their unit S-1 or Personnel Action Center (PAC).

  • Information on TLA processing
  • Information on ASHA Advance

Separations: Provides assistance to Soldiers Retiring or Separating from military service.
Separations/Retirement Brief and information

Military Pay Review: Provides assistance with Special Pay and allowance to include Foreign Language Pay and Flight Pay. This section conducts entitlement review audits to ensure Soldiers are paid the correct pay and allowances. UCFR processing.

IN/OUT PROCESSING: Section conducts Permanent Change of Station briefings/actions for all Soldiers arriving and departing. Assists with the preparation of PCS travel
claims to include Temporary Lodging Expense and Dependent Travel.

In-processing Brief/information
Levy Brief (finance slides)

Local National Travel:
LN Travel Handout
ETF Information