It is the policy of the Department of Army and the Department of Defense to provide equal opportunity for all of its U.S. civilian employees, former employees or applicants for employment. Everyone has the inherent right to fair treatment, equal employment opportunities and a workplace free of harassment (sexual and non-sexual) and other types of unlawful discrimination.

USAG Italy's EEO Policy Letters


Reasonable Accommodation Procedures

Reasonable accommodations are adjustments or modifications to job application procedures, a job, employment practices, or a work environment that enable a qualified individual with a disability to enjoy equal employment opportunities. They are intended to enable qualified disabled individuals to perform the essential functions of a position, and designed to remove physical and procedural workplace or employment barriers.

This Army Guidance provides written procedures for processing reasonable accommodation requests made by Army employees and applicants with disabilities, throughout Army. These procedures will assist the Army in fulfilling its obligations for ensuring that Individuals with disabilities who request Reasonable Accommodation receive a proper response within the shortest time possible. Further, these procedures establish criteria for collecting and annually reporting data on the numbers and types of reasonable accommodation requests received and processed throughout the Army.

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