Following Host Nation guidance from May 18, declaration forms are no longer needed for travel within each region.

The self-declaration forms are needed to travel to another region. For example, from Vicenza (Veneto region) to Darby (Tuscany), or to Aviano (Friuli region). Persons are only permitted to travel to another region for proven work reasons, absolute urgency, health reasons, or to return to one’s domicile, home or place of residence. Fill out the English section and it will auto-populate to the Italian form.  If stopped, present the Italian form to law enforcement. The English-version is not required. 

Army Community Service Task Force Community Wellness Brief

Army Community Service's Task Force brief of May initiatives was published yesterday.  You can download a copy and stay informed!

Civilian Work Force

USAG Italy Time and Attendance Policy, Alternative Work Schedule and Telework Request forms have been posted to the website.

U.S. Army Garrison Italy



U.S. Army Garrison Italy
U.S. Army Garrison Italy