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Read the latest answers to our most Frequently asked questions by clicking on the links below. The FAQ's are continously being updated to provide you with the latest knowledge on the situation.

Q: What HPCon level is NTC as of 15 March 2021?
A: Level B
Q: Can relatives friends visit from off post/other states?
A: Visitor access to Fort irwin is subject to appropriate Garrison Regulations.  ETP's are no longer required.
Q: Are Special Unit Events and Official Functions Authorized?
A: Yes, with masks and physical distancing measures.  Events/Functions of 50 or less may be approved at the O6 Level; 50 or more must be approved by the CG.
Q: Will common areas like gyms, restaurants, movie theaters, bowling alleys, church, etc. be closed/canceled and, if so, for how long?
A: The NTC and Fort Irwin is using a conditions based process to begin re-opening some services and facilities.  
Q: Are the current and future RTU’s restricted to the RUFMA/RUBA?
A: Yes, per Order 20-108 published on 13 March 2020
Q: Are any rotations canceled/postponed or altered?
A: Thanks to the mitigation measures that re in place and the continued vigilance of our community members, we have resumed our Rotational Calendar.
Q: Does Weed Army Community Hospital have any COVID-19 test kits?
A: Yes, WACH does have COVID-19 test kits and has begun vaccinating our population IAW the DoD's COVID-19 vaccine distribution plan.
Q: Are there purchase limits at the Commissary?
A: The commisary recently lifted some of the limitations, current restrictions are based on supply chain limitations and increased demand.
Q: Who has to wear face masks and where do they need to wear them?
A: Masks are required at all times on the installation.  Exceptions include: when working alone behind closed doors; briefly when eating or drinking; required for ID/Security purposes; to reasonably accomodate an individual with disability; when outdoors or conducting PT as long as you are able to maintain 6 ft. physical distancing.

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