The Directorate of Public Works provides sustainable facilities and services to support and improve the quality of Hawaii's military community and enhance war fighter readiness and well-being.

Business Operations Division

Call (808) 656-2479 for more information.

Energy Division

Call (808) 656-1036 for more information.

Engineering Division

The Engineering Division provides engineering support, contract services, and construction project management for the garrison's footprint. They plan, organize, coordinate and oversee the execution of designs, preparation of services and construction contracts, and construction projects.

Call (808) 656-3064 for more information.

Environmental Division

The Environmental Division supports the U.S. Army’s commitment to environmental excellence in all aspects of the Army’s mission in Hawaii.

Call (808) 656-2878 for more information.

Housing Division

The Housing Division provides service for in-processing, out-processing, on-post housing (barracks and family) and off-post housing and contract review.

Call (808) 655-7700 for more information.

Operations Division

The Operations Division coordinates and monitors the execution of operational support that DPW provides to the garrison, the surrounding community and other areas that require DPW support.

Call (808) 656-7051 for more information.

Operations & Maintenance Division

The Operations & Maintenance Division keeps lights and water available to garrison facilities, as well as maintaining and repairing the buildings, roads, and other infrastructure.

Their experts include high-voltage and interior electricians, exterior and interior plumbers, air conditioning mechanics, carpenters, masons, metal workers, locksmiths, painters, sign painters, roads and grounds repairers.

All non-emergency DMO requests, whether urgent or routine, should be submitted via the Army Maintenance Application, or ArMA. Please refer to the DPW Customer Handbook, page 22, regarding how to check on the status of a DMO.

Planning Division

The Planning Division provides long-range installation planning and initiation of military construction projects. They manage the monthly Site Approval Board and the Real Property Planning Board. They also produce the Installation Design Guide and all area development plans.

The Real Estate Branch assigns units to facilities on post, manages all the Army’s leased land and easements, and determines what real property is and what personal property is.

Call (808) 656-1373 for more information.