The Reassignment Section ensures all Soldiers on assignment instructions have a smooth and timely permanent change of station, or PCS.

All Soldiers on assignment instructions must meet the requirements of AR 614-30 (Overseas Service), AR 614-100 (Officer Assignment Policies, Details and Transfers) or AR 614-200 (Enlisted Assignments and Utilization Management) in order to receive PCS orders.

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It is Army policy that if an individual has a government travel card, or individually billed account, it will be used for all relocation expenses associated with PCS up to the limit of their entitlements. A centrally billed account is only available for Soldiers who do not have a government travel card. (Memo, Authorization Election Form)


Officers (A-L): (808) 655-4949

Officers (M-Z): (808) 655-4629

Family Movements: (808) 655-1974