The Legal Office provides legal counsel to the Commander, US Army Support Activity, Fort Dix (USASA), his staff, subordinate Commanders, and other personnel concerning all matters of law.  Additionally, the Legal Office administers Military Justice at USASA, processes Tort and Affirmative Claims for the Army in seven states, and provides limited Legal Assistance.



The Civil and Administrative Law Division provides legal advice to the U.S. Army Support Activity, Fort Dix Command and Staff, theDevens Reserve Forces Training Area Command and Staff, and partner organizations regarding civil and administrative lawmatters.
The Claims Office processes Army Personnel, Tort, and Affirmative claims for Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Jersey and eastern Pennsylvania. The office adjudicates Personnel claims from Soldiers, their Family members, and eligible Army Civilian employees for damage toor loss of property during government shipment or storage and for certain other instances of damage or loss that are incidentto service. The office also adjudicates Tort claims for personal injury or damage to property caused by the negligent acts or omissions ofArmy personnel. In addition, the office pursues Affirmative claims against third parties who damage Army property or cause injury to Soldiersor their family members resulting in medical care at government expense.
For your general legal assistance needs, contact the Joint Base MDL Legal Office at 609-754-2010. Soldiers near Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst (JB-MDL) who are on active duty or mobilized for 29 or more consecutive days have two Legal Assistance Offices for service, depending upon their specific needs. If seeking assistance with a non-criminal, adverse administrative action (e.g. adverse OER/NCOER, revoked or suspended security clearance, Line-of-Duty or FLIP Investigation, bar to re-enlistment, or written reprimand), you can schedule an appointment with the US ASA, Fort Dix, Legal Assistance Office at 609-562-3295. ALL OTHERS seeking legal assistance for non-criminal matters, (e.g. Powers of Attorney, Wills, Notary services, tax return preparation, consumer law problems, landlord-tenant issues, marital/child custody/financial support matters) should contact the Joint Base MDL Legal Office at 609-754-2010.
The Military Justice Division provides legal advice and regulatory guidance to Commanders and their Staff regarding adverse administrative actions, non-judicial punishment actions, Courts–Martial, and other military disciplinary issues.
Trial Defense Services provides Soldiers’ legal counsel for criminal legal representation, advice for UCMJ actions, and support for adverse administrative actions (e.g. separations or grade reductions) and other investigations.