The Claims Office at USASA, Fort Dix processes Army Tort and Affirmative Claims for Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Jersey and eastern Pennsylvania.  The office adjudicates Tort claims for personal injury or damage to property caused by the negligent acts or omissions of Army personnel. In addition, the office pursues Affirmative claims against third parties who damage Army property or cause injury to Soldiers or their family members resulting in medical care at government expense.
The local office no longer adjudicates Personnel claims from Soldiers, their family members, and eligible Army civilian employees for damage to or loss of property during government shipment or storage and for certain other instances of damage or loss that are incident to service.


Personnel Claims

If you suffer a loss or damage incident to service you must file directly with the Center for Personnel Claims Support (CPCS), Fort Knox, KY by submitting an online claim at  The CPCS may be reached by phone at 502-626-3000 or via email at:

Filing a Household Goods Claim

Hopefully your personal property will arrive in the same condition as it left your last duty station.  If it does not, and you suffer loss or damage in your household goods, then please observe the following guidelines.  Failure to do so may result in your receiving less money than you would otherwise be entitled to.
•     The “Notice of Loss/damage” form is provided by the Transportation Service Provider (TSP) at the time of delivery.  Submit within 75 days of delivery at  (use the filing guide). If you have issues with the site-DO NOT WAIT!  Mail/e-mail/FAX your notice to the TSP using the contact information on the lower right corner of the form.  Keep proof of the date and time notice was sent (Mail/fax return receipt).
•     Your claim must be submitted to the TSP within 9 months of delivery for Full Replacement Value (FRV).
•     If you are disputing any or all of the TSP’s initial full/partial/repair/denial offer you must transfer the claim to the CPCS.
•     NOTE:  Transferring your claim to the CPCS on the DPS website ( does NOT transfer the electronic file.  You MUST go to to complete the online filing process to transfer your claim to the CPCS.
•     You have 2 years to file your claim with the CPCS if you fail to file with the TSP in time or decide to forfeit any or part of a FRV claim.

Tort Claims

This Claims Office processes Tort Claims filed against the Army under the Federal Tort Claims Act and various other claims statutes for New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania.
To file a Tort Claim, contact US Army Support Activity, Fort Dix, Claims Office at 609-562-3848 or 609-562-2395.