Finding employment opportunities is one of the biggest challenges facing any relocating family. Using the resources in the employment category will assist with volunteer, temporary, and permanent positions with the government or in the private sector.

If your field requires licensing in the new location, links to the licensing agencies are included. This category provides guidance to the new job seeker and allows a person to explore alternative opportunities.

The Military Spouse Employment Partnership (MSEP) and the Relocation Assistance Program at ACS can guide you with your job search.

Employment opportunities in the 351 communities in Massachusetts are found in a wide range of manufacturing and commercial enterprises in such diverse fields as computer science, technological research, textile, and tourist industries.


Clerical positions, manual labor, engineering, security positions, food service and cashiers, medical profession, computer field, and truck drivers. Fort more information check out

For job hunting purposes, be sure to bring with you: all employment records and information, resumes, SF-171, transcripts, certificates, licenses, and SF-50. ACS carries listings of current job vacancies.