Frequent deployments are a way of life in the military. Many of the family issues that need to be resolved during a Permanent Change of Station (PCS) apply to deployments and frequent separations. Be proactive and visit your installation Army Community Service for valuable information on programs that can benefit you and your family before, during, and after a family separation.

Deployments and reunions are a challenge. Being prepared before and after separation can make a difficult transition smoother. Having an up to date family care plan is essential. The rear detachment of your unit will be available after deployment for issues that come up.

Make sure your family understands the reason for the separation. Be certain that your spouse and older children are aware of your financial system: bills, checkbook, banking institution, and family support numbers in their area. Be sure that all ID cards are valid. Make sure everyone is enrolled in DEERS. Getting a power of attorney for your spouse may be a good idea.

Know all emergency phone number and have all pertinent information should you need to contact the American Red Cross.

Get involved in a family support group. For further deployment information, go to and