There is no veterinary care at USAG Devens RFTA.

Veterinary Care at Hanscom AFB

Active duty, retired military members and their dependents holding a DoD ID card and eligible for DEERS enrollment are entitled to receive services from the Hanscom AFB Veterinary Treatment Facility.

Location Building 1216 Kirkland Street
Phone (781) 225-2772


Pet Boarding/Kennels

Please make sure that you make pet boarding arrangements prior to arriving at your destination. Have proof of their vaccinations with you.

Reputable boarding facilities in the Devens area can be viewed at the Directory of Doggie Daycare and Boarding in Massachusetts;


Pet Quarantines

Quarantine varies depending on animal's rabies vaccine status and can be up to 10 days long. The Bureau of Animal Health at 1-617-626-1791 will help. Also check web site.



Pet Licensing

Veterinarian services are available in the community. Dogs must be licensed in MA, usually through the office of the Town or City Clerk located at Town or City Hall in the town/city of residence. Costs may be $10 - $30 per year, depending on the community, and if the dog is spayed or neutered. Dogs and cats over 12 weeks old must be vaccinated against rabies.

Leash laws apply to most communities. A $50.00 fine may be imposed for dogs not leased in certain communities. for more information go to


Pet Transportation

Once you have decided that an animal is going to be your traveling companion, plan for your pet's trip in the same way you plan your own.

Make sure your pet has no health problems. Your pet will be subjected to conditions guaranteed to cause stress. A clean bill of health is an important first step in assuring your pet's ability to adjust safely to unfamiliar surroundings. Also, make sure your pet has proper identification tags. The information should include your pet's name, your name, address and phone number.

Call the airline for specific pet requirements.

For more Web site information
on this subject, visit

Air Animal