S 3/5/7 provides coordination and management of day-to-day operations for the garrison to include current operations/events, anti-terrorism/protection, management of crisis and emergency situations, and security clearances and access.  The directorate also provides long-term planning, analysis and integration of garrison resources in addition to information assurance such as cyber security.


ALERT! is a mass-warning notification system sends registered users emergency warnings and other critical information, such as hazardous road conditions, reporting delays, and base closures due to severe weather. The notifications are mostly local but may also be theater-wide.
The Antiterrorism Office manages installation defense by analyzing, collecting and disseminating threat-related information to the U.S. Army Garrison Benelux community. The AT Office hosts and conducts meetings with civil-military partnership to combat and defend against known threats and weapons of mass destruction. The AT Office also increases antiterrorism awareness with a sound education program, publication of bi-weekly bulletins, press releases and other multimedia media sources.
Emergency Management's mission is to save lives, minimize the loss of resources, and maintain operational capability during an all-hazard emergency in the U.S.Army Garrison Benelux footprint. This is accomplished by providing service members, U.S. and host nation civilian employees, and their family members the education and support to prepare for, respond to, and recover from natural and man-made disasters.
Information Systems Security provides information assurance (IA) to all garrison and non-mission government, military, and contractor personnel in U.S. Army Garrison Benelux.
The Plans & Operations Branch coordinates and synchronizes day-to-day and future operations for the garrison while maintaining situational awareness across the entire installation and area of responsibility. It also provides technical expertise and leadership to ensure quality, timely and accurate collection and reporting to higher, adjacent and subordinate headquarters using classified and unclassified systems. The branch receives, analyzes, recommends and disseminates timely and appropriate resources to internal and external requests for manpower, equipment and or services.
The Security Office provides security support to all garrison and non-mission government, military, and contractor personnel in U.S. Army Garrison Benelux.