Mission Statement: The mission of the TMCI Section is to promote safety for all citizens of Fort Leonard Wood through education and highly visible proactive traffic enforcement. The primary goal is the prevention of personal injury and property damage due to unsafe road conditions, traffic collisions, and unsafe drivers.  

Collision Investigations: Traffic Collisions resulting in property damage or injuries, occurring on Fort Leonard Wood are required to be reported to the Military Police Station, (573) 596.6141 or 6142, for investigation and documentation.  This also applies when vehicles strike wildlife on the installation.

Selective Traffic Enforcement Program: As part of the TMCI Mission, patrols conduct focused enforcement in the housing areas and active school zones as the primary area of concern. Traffic Surveys are conducted in these areas periodically to identify these areas.  Requests for additional patrol of your area can be requested by calling (573) 596.1136.

Special Event Support: To request support of special events, please contact DES Operations Sections at: (573) 596.4984.

Abandoned Vehicles: Motor vehicles will not be left unattended on installation roads or streets.

A vehicle, which includes any motor vehicle, trailer, ATV, outboard motor, or vessel left abandoned any unmoved and unattended for 72 hours or more when any of the following are true:

  1. It is not operational.
  2. It is not displaying current registration.
  3. It is illegally parked or causing a safety hazard.

In the event of a mechanical failure, the operator will make every attempt to prevent the vehicle from obstructing traffic. If unable to do so, the operator will immediately notify the MP Desk at (573) 596.6141 and inform them of the of the vehicle’s location, the status of the vehicle, and the expected removal time of the vehicle.

To report an abandoned vehicle: Please contact the Traffic Section at (573) 596.0586 or 596.1074.

Resources: For more information about Fort Leonard Wood Traffic Regulations, see the FLW Regualtions page

eIf you have any questions please contact the TMCI Section at (573) 596.1074.

“Buckle up, Phone Down!”