When recreating or hunting on Fort Leonard Wood remember to use iSportsman. iSportsman is an enterprise-level, web-based system used by FLW to:

  1. Ensure the safety of those enjoying outdoor recreation on the installation
  2. Issue recreational, hunting, fishing, and wood cutting permits
  3. Control access to various areas, especially range and training areas
  4. Collect conservation information
  5. Communicate with recreationists.

See our Hunting and Fishing page for more information.

Please familiarize yourself with the following publications prior to conducting recreating or hunting activities on Fort Leonard Wood. The Hunting and Fishing Regulation (FLW Reg. 210-21), Firewood Regulation (FLW Reg. 200-2), Operation, Maintenance, and Management of Post Recreation Areas (FLW Reg. 215-3), Registration and Control of Privately Owned Firearms and Other Weapons on Fort Leonard Wood (FLW Reg. 190-6), and Installation Access Control (FLW Reg. 190-7). Fort Leonard Wood Regulations can be found online here.

Fort Leonard Wood follows the guidance set forth each year through the Missouri Department of Conservation. The Missouri Department of Conservation website allows for purchase of permits, regulations on Hunting and Trapping, Fishing, open seasons, and additional information about nature and wildlife.

Things to do:

  • Ensure you are checked into the proper area and have your iSportsman Permit displayed where it is visible from the outside of the vehicle
  • Ensure you have the appropriate Missouri State license and/or Fort Leonard Wood permits prior to recreating or hunting
  • Read and understand the most current Missouri State and Fort Leonard Wood regulations
  • Upon completions of your recreational activity ensure to check out of iSportsman and report your harvest. Also, remember to notch, tele-check and receive a confirmation number with MDC if you collected a harvest
  • Be prepared, have a plan and always practice safety 

If interested in having a Conservation Law Enforcement briefing, you may contact the Conservation Law Enforcement section at (573) 596.5002.