Our mission: Supply and Services mission is to provide installation supply and services to all units and activities assigned to Fort Leonard Wood. The provision of installation supply and services encompasses Ammunitions, Fuels, Organizational Clothing and Individual Equipment (OCIE), Initial Military Clothing Bag Issues, Subsistence (Meal Ready to Eat), Installation Supply Support (Central Issue and Turn-in Points), Installation Property Management, Dining Facilities Management, Laundry and Dry Cleaning Support, and Hazardous Material Control.

Ammunition Supply Point (ASP): (573) 596-5599/1265

The ASP is the only ammunition supply point on Fort Leonard Wood. The ASP provides ammunition to units on the Fort Leonard Wood installation. The ASP is located at 10496 Greenland Cir. Bldg.1422 off Big Piney Road/FLW 15. The ASP hours of operation are 0630-1500.

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Supply Support Activity (SSA): (573) 596-0219/0953

The SSA provides Class II, III (P), IV, VII, and IX as well as other services including Bulk POL.The SSA activity locations are:

a. SSA General Customer Assistance and Receiving: Bldg. 2560, 15360 Ordnance Drive.

b. Customer Issue/Pick-up: Bldg. 2562A, 15359 Ordnance Drive.

c. Turn-In, Heavy Equipment: Bldg. 2391 / 2395, 4902 Gas Street.

d. Weapons: Bldg. 2308, Rail Road Street.

e. Bulk POL: Bldg. 4052, 830 Gas Street.

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Clothing Initial Issue Point (CIIP): Phase 1 (573) 596-7537 Phase 2 (573) 596-0127/0227

The CIIP issues the authorized Clothing Bag Items and the Army Dress Uniform to Initial Entry Training (IET) recruits.
IET recruits include, Basic Combat Training (BCT), Advanced Individual Training (AIT) and One Station Unit Training (OSUT).

The CIIP is separated into two phases:

- Phase I: Issues authorized Clothing Bag Items, Bldg. 2100, Army Avenue.
Hours of operation 07:30-16:00.

- Phase II: Issues the Army Dress Uniform. Phase II Male issue location is,
Bldg. 2322 Quartermaster Street, Phase II Female issue location is, Bldg.2323, Quartermaster Street.
Hours of operation 07:30-16:00.

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Central Issue Facility (CIF): (573) 596-1646/6062 Permanent Party (573) 596-0019

The Central Issue Facility has a 3 phase mission to support the Individual Soldiers, civilians and Units to ensure training is accomplished and be prepared for deployment, training, leadership schools and other missions that may arise.

First Mission - To support Initial Entry Training recruits and Soldiers in the OSUT/AIT and BLOC.

Second Mission - To support all of the FLW Permanent Party Soldiers with their authorized issue list. In this area includes issuing Rapid Fielding Initiative (RFI) for deploying Soldiers and Units.

Third Mission - Clothing Recovery Facility (CRF) which accepts Code H equipment from CIF, Permanent Party and equipment from units who had recruits who were chaptered out of the service.

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Food Service: (573) 596-1774/0301

The LRC Food Service is responsible for the provision of food for Soldiers served in the Dining Facilities (DFAC) and provision of Meal-Ready-to Eat (MRE) through the Subsistence Supply Management Office (SSMO).The Food Service Manager is located at Bldg. 498, 233 Illinois Ave, behind the Post Office. SSMO MRE Warehouse is at Bldg. 2562-A, 15347 Ordinance Drive.

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Hazardous Material Control Point: (573)596-1162

HMCP controls and tracks all HAZMAT in the units and activities on Fort Leonard Wood.The LRC runs HMCP with a contract (PMI).The HMCP ensures all units and activities on Fort Leonard Wood meet the regulatory guidance on federal environmental regulations. HMCP advises or assists units/activities on managing hazardous material - requisition, receipt, store, and safe-guard hazardous materials. HMCP is located on the Gas Street, Bldg 4051/4052.

Installation Property Book Office (IPBO): (573) 596-0682/0595

The IPBO manages and accounts for installation property for the United States Army Garrison Fort Leonard Wood. Units or activities who acquire, obtain, maintain, and dispose of installation property must work with the IPBO to establish installation property book accountability IAW the Army guidance. The IPBO is located on Quartermaster Street, Bldg. 2325/2326.

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Laundry and Dry Cleaning Service: (573) 596-0616

The LRC provides Laundry and Dry Cleaning service through a contract. This service is primarily designated for training units. However, other units not on training status may be able to obtain laundry services on a cost reimbursement basis. You may contact the COR at the LRC HQ Bldg. 380, 14673 1ST Street and phone 596-0616.