Our mission: To provide LRC planning and operational support for LRC mission requirements in support of Installation Activities and our AR 5-9 area of responsibility. This includes, but is not limited to, FORSCOM Unit Movement (deployment/re-deployment), Installation Emergency Management, Ammunition Surveillance Program, Installation DoDAAC coordination and Support Agreement development. Operational support responsibility within the LRC includes; the LRC Safety Program, Personnel Management, Resource Management, Contract Management, Information Management, Personnel Security and Physical Security Program Management.

Division Chief: Chet Thomas: (573) 596-0623
Resource Management: (573) 596-0619
Contract Management: (573) 596-0897
Planning and Operations: (573) 596-0993
Information/Data Systems Management: (573) 596-2046
Personnel Management: (573) 596-0836
Safety: (573) 596-0622
QASAS: (573) 596-0832