Our mission: To provide Field and limited Sustainment level maintenance in support of Base Operations Equipment (Garrison equipment) and FORSCOM Pass-back maintenance.


Main Office: (573) 596-0151
Division Chief: (573) 596-4543
Shop Operations Manager: (573) 596-4580
Quality Control: (573) 596-4581
Planning and Production Control: (573) 596-0893

Ground Equipment Maintenance Shop supports the repair of Tactical Vehicles, Powered Support Equipment, Construction Equipment, Combat Equipment, Non-Tactical Vehicles, Fire Fighting Equipment, Lawn Equipment, and Industrial Equipment. Phone Number 596-0877.
Weapons Repair Shop supports the repair of small arms and provides support for Ceremonial Salute Cannons. Phone Number 596-0874.
Electronic & Communications Repair Shop support the repair of Tactical Communications, Safe and Secure Systems, Audio Visual Repair, First Responder Equipment, and Optic Devices. Phone Number 596-0874.
Allied Trades provides support for welding, metal machining, and body paint and repair. Phone Number 596-0874.

We value your feedback, please let us know how we are doing: https://ice.disa.mil/index.cfm?fa=card&sp=91580&s=447&dep=*DoD

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