• Temporary General Instruction Building construction

    Temporary General Instruction Building construction

  • Target Hill Wastewater Treatment Plant

    Target Hill Wastewater Treatment Plant

  • Cullum Road Retaining Wall

    Cullum Road Retaining Wall

  • Williams Road Rock Removal

    Williams Road Rock Removal


To support and enhance the quality of life for our soldiers, their families, tenant units, and employees of USAG West Point.


We preserve the past, maintain the present and build the future to sustain the "Long Grey line".

Directorate of Public Works (DPW):  The Directorate of Public Works (DPW) is responsible for design, constructions, maintenance and repair of all facilities, operation of utility systems, management of all environment and disposal, natural and cultural resources programs as well as providing centralized management for Army Family Housing. DPW is a key element of USAG West Point with oversight of installation infrastructure and maintenance.


DPW Divisions and Services

DPW Director: Mr. Aaron Close

Army Family Housing Division (845) 938-2500 

Work/Service Orders: (845) 938-2316/4031 (24 Hours / 7 Days per week)

Master Planning Division (845) 938-4856 

Operations & Maintenance Division  (845) 938-2818   

Business Operations Integration Division (845) 938-1115   

Engineering Division (845) 938-0396     

Environmental Division  (845) 938-6441    

Custodial Branch (845) 938-4848

Operations Branch (845) 938-0300

Natural Resources Branch (845) 938-7122

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