We preserve the past, maintain the present and build the future to sustain the Long Grey line.

Directorate of Public Works (DPW):  DPW is the Garrison's primary element for maintenance of the installation, infrastructure, and the environment.  DPW consists of: Master Planning;Real Property, Cultural Resources;   Business Operations and Integration Division,   Operations and Maintenance, Custodial Branch, Capital Project Group and Engineering Branch.  DPW encompasses the review of work classification and technical adequacy of all projects; reviews and validates submission of Military Construction (MILCON) projects for all construction and renovations development occurring on the Installation; manages IMCOM's Sustainment Restoration and Moderation (SRM) projects approved and funded for each fiscal year; updates Real Property assets, allowances, requirements, and programmed construction data in a variety of databases; provides day-to-day sustainment and maintenance support for the installation tenant activities; monitors and ensures all work and military-training activities are accomplished incompliance with Federal and State Environmental requirements / regulations.



DPW Divisions

DPW Director: Mr. Matt Talaber

DPW Deputy Director: Mr. Frank Bloomer

Master Planning Division  (8450 938- 5940
Chief: Carl Meyer

Operations & Maintenance Division  (845) 938-2605
Chief: Mr. Dan Middleton

Business Operations Integration Division (845) 938-8459
Chief: Mr. Heesung Park

Engineering Division (845) 938-8459
Chief: Mr. Joe Fahey

Custodial Branch
Chief: Mr. Michael Degrave

Capital Projects Team (845) 938-5940
Chief: Mr. Carl Meyer

Environmental Division  (845) 938-
Chief: Mr. Enzo Palau

Operations Branch (845) 938-0300
Chief: Ray King

Natural Resources Branch (845)938-7122
Chief: Mr. Christoper Pray

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