We Moved!!
We're no longer in building 144 and are now located in building 667 on the 1st floor down the Southwest Stairwell. If you come in through the main entrance of 667 take a right down the hallway past the vending machines. Take the Southwest Stairwell down to the 1st floor.
If you require handicap access please use the elevator just inside the front entrance to building 667 and go down to the first floor. Go outside to the loading dock, turn left and we're inside the last door before the stairs.
Please do not use the truck entrance to get to our office.


Hunting & Fishing
If you're interested in hunting or fishing at West Point, please click the link below to visit our iSportsman page. On our iSportsman page you can view West Point and NY state hunting and fishing regulations, and register for an account. After your account has been approved,  hunting and fishing permits can be purchased directly through the site.



Wood Gathering
If you're interested in getting a wood permit, please call to schedule an appointment to come by our office. Due to invasive species, there are regulations that must be followed when gathering and transporting wood in the state of New York. There is only one location on West Point property where the collection of firewood is permitted. Collection without a permit is strictly prohibited. When you come in for a permit we will supply you with all the documents and information you need.


Contact Us

Natural Resources Branch: 

667A Ruger Rd, West Point, NY 10996

845-938-2314, -7122, -1856


MP Help Desk: 845-938-3333