West Point Passport and Visa Services


To support the United States Department of Defense (DOD) by assisting DOD Service Members, Cadets, Civilians and Family Members in obtaining the official travel documents necessary to facilitate official government travel.


To provide professional, knowledgeable and timely service to every customer we have the privilege of assisting.

You are eligible for a No Fee (Official) Passport if:

  • Military personnel in special assignment situations.
  • Family members traveling overseas on orders with spouse.
  • Government Civilian Employees who are on TDY or accepting a position to a country which requires a passport.
  • Contractors are not eligible for a No-Fee Passport.

To check the passport and visa requirements for a specific country, visit:

Passport Requirements

Applications are processed by appointment only; please call 845-938-8490 to make an appointment or email Mrs. Renee Caldwell at 

Passport Instructions


 You will need to bring: Proof of citizenship, Military ID, driver’s license, civilian shirt/sweater for photo, completed passport application.

Proof of citizenship: original, certified, raised seal birth/naturalization certificate (birth certificate must have parent’s names), current or expired passport, overseas birth record.  A birth abstract is not acceptable. Your proof of citizenship will be submitted to Dept of State and returned with your new passport.

Application:  Must be completed online.  For direct access to the Passport Application Wizard, go to    Click the box and hit submit.  Go to the column on the left side of the page- Apply Online and below it, click submit.  You will be completing a regular passport application- there is no option for an official passport.   The website for further info is

Complete all requested information.  Below are some pointers for completing the application.

 Occupation- Military                    Employer- US Army

Mail Passport to:  NEW: Enter DOD/DET on first address line.  2nd Line: DAGN, DOD/DAGN; City: Washington; State DC; Zip Code 20006

Permanent Address- Please enter your home address.  Enter cell and work #.

Travel Plans You must state a country that requires a passport.  Country and travel dates must match TDY or PCS orders/memo.

For Children under 16:

A Birth certificate must be submitted to show parental relationship, even if child has a passport.  Both parents need to sign the application.  If the sponsor parent has already PCS’ed, please obtain a notarized Parental Consent form, also found at the Dept of State website.  If this cannot be obtained, the applying parent can fill out the DS-3053 and have it notarized.

If single/divorced/         need notarized statement of consent from non-custodial parent, with copy of ID-front/back

remarried/widowed        or, divorce decree showing sole custody

                                    or birth certificate with only mother listed

                                    or death certificate

Finishing:  Please check your information on the Review page-especially Name, SSN, DOB and place of birth.

On the Passport Products/Fees page, select PASSPORT BOOK, and then click Next.  You will not be asked for payment.  On the NEXT STEPS page, scroll past #3, check the “I have read and acknowledged the steps contained above” box.  Go to Create form, open and print pages 5 & 6.  NO double sided printing.   The application is not automatically sent to DoS.   Pg 5 (1st personal information page) will have a bar code on the upper left side.  DO NOT SIGN

If you have any questions, or if you have a unique situation, feel free to contact me.  Please schedule an appointment before coming to my office in Building 622, located by Buffalo Soldiers Field.