Army Substance Abuse Program (ASAP) Services & Employee Assistance Programs (EAP)

The Army Substance Abuse Program is a multi-faceted, West Point installation program that assists Commanders, Cadets, Soldiers, Civilian employees, Retirees and eligible Family members who may be experiencing issues related to substance abuse, family matters and workplace violence.

There are six distinct and separate programs within the umbrella organization of ASAP. The Clinical program, the Employee Assistance program, the Suicide Prevention program, the Substance Abuse program, the Drug Testing program and the Workplace Violence program.
The Clinical Program provides assessment, outpatient services and referral for eligible members to in-patient services as determined.

The Employee Assistance Program provides free, confidential, professional short term counseling and educational services to all civilian personnel and family members.

The Suicide Prevention Program develops and provides training in an effort to recognize, intervene, and minimize the impact of suicide behavior on the West Point community. It also collects data to identify and monitor local trends.
The Substance Abuse Prevention & Education Program provides alcohol and other drug education and training for military and civilian personnel. Responsible for anti-drug and alcohol campaigns conducted on the installation.

The Drug Testing Program is an integral tool used to deter soldiers and civilian employees from abusing drugs. It is a tool for commanders to assess the security, fitness, good order and discipline of their commands and to serve as a basis to take appropriate action when a soldier or civilian employee has a positive test result.

The Workplace Violence Program provides information and guidance to employees who feel they may have experienced violence in the workplace.

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