Official Mail and Distribution

Where do I take my official mail?
If you have Official mail that needs to the mailed, you should take it to the Mail and Distribution Center, Bldg 646 (next to the West Point Post Office).

How do I find the plus 4 of my zip code?
If you do not know the zip plus 4, you can contact the main Post Office or the official Mail and Distribution Center located at Bldg 646.

Where do I pick up accountable mail?
Accountable mail can be picked up at Bldg 646.

I have a new mail clerk, is there training available for him?
Mailroom training is available and is conducted on a monthly basis. Quotas can be obtained by contacting the Installation Mail and Distribution Center at (845) 938-3275/2963.

DD Form 2495 Official Mail Managers Inspection Checklist (Link to OMM Inspection Checklist)  
AR 25-51 Official Mail and Distribution Management (link to Regulation)

Forms and Publications

If I am creating an installation form or updating an installation publication, how do I get assistance or approval?
In order to get assistance or approval of a new installation form, contact the Publications Control Officer at or call (845) 938-7313/7311.

How do I order forms and/or publications?
Send an email with the form number or publication number and the quantity requested to:  Most forms and publications authorized by DoD can be found in the Army Publishing Directorate.

AR 25-30 The Army Publishing Program
DA PAM 25-31 Forms Management, Analysis, and Design
DA PAM 25-33 User's Guide for Army Publications and Forms

Office Symbols

Office Symbols are approved by the Records Manager and proposed by the components, activities, units and/or offices within West Point through ARIMS.

AR 25-1 Army Knowledge Management and Information Technology
AR 25-59 Office Symbols