Legal Services


907-353-6518/6518 | 1562 Gaffney Rd., Bldg. 1562 | Fort Wainwright, Alaska

The Fort Wainwright Consolidated Legal Assistance Office provides worldwide support to United States Army Alaska and the Fort Wainwright military community. Its mission is to enhance combat readiness by providing a number of client and preventative law services, during both routine office appointments and pre-deployment processing. The office provides free advice and assistance to eligible clients on personal legal matters. We encourage you to bring leases, agreements, contracts, etc. to the Legal Assistance Office for review before you sign them. Eligible clients include Soldiers, retirees and their Family members (military ID card holders).

907-272-0352 or 800-770-9999

All lawyers are members of the Alaska Bar Association and provide services for general, civil and criminal matters. The Alaska Lawyer Referral Service is organized by types of law, such as real estate, adoption, etc. Call for cost information.

907-452-5181 or 800-478-5401 | 100 Cushman St., Suite 500, Fairbanks, Alaska 

Provides free legal counsel in certain types of civil matters to applicants who meet the financial eligibility criteria. Conducts clinics on self-representation in divorce and custody matters and seminars on other legal topics.

907-269-6900 | 655 F St., Anchorage, Alaska 

Services include assisting parents in the collection of child support owed to them by the non-custodial parent. They will establish administrative orders for the collection of child support payments, establish paternity and enforce the child support orders. The absent parent does not need to reside in Alaska for these services to be provided. There are no fees for these services.


Provides rights protection for children and adults with disabilities through legal-based advocacy. Services include special education advocacy and entitlements.

907-458-6830 | 455 Third Ave., Suite 130, Fairbanks, Alaska

Felon court-mandated supervision and parole supervision.


Investigates complaints of administrative actions of State of Alaska agencies.

907-452-8251 | 122 First Ave., Fairbanks, Alaska 

A multi-service agency providing information, support and services to tribal members enrolled and living in Interior tribal communities. Departments include Family Services, Education, Employment, Natural Resource, Village Government, Realty and Health.


The Violent Crimes Compensation Board provides limited financial help to victims. The financial loss must be the direct result of a violent crime and not reimbursable through another source such as insurance or worker’s compensation. The maximum that may be awarded is $40,000.