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  • Common Access Card issuance and update
  • Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System enrollment of newborns and updates
  • Family member Department of Defense ID card issuance
  • Assistance with dependency determination applications
  • Assistance with member-of-household applications

Walk-in Exceptions

  • CAC lock/pin reset
  • Lost or stolen ID card (must have military police report -- see details below)
  • Military/civilian expiring ID/CAC prior to next available appointment
  • Adding a new dependent
  • In-processing civilian personnel (72 hours after in-processing at CPAC)

Personnel can get new CAC cards up to 90 days prior to expiration

​Lost/stolen ID card

Sponsor must be present or applicant must provide one of the following:

  • DD Form 1172 (with notary seal) from sponsor
  • DD Form 1172 verified by another verifying official from any ID card facility and signed by sponsor
  • Valid power of attorney from sponsor
  • Sponsor's deployment orders

Other mandatory requirements:

  • MP memorandum confirming report of lost/stolen ID card
  • Two forms of ID -- one must be a photo ID (not applicable to children under 10 years old)
  • Passport, driver's license or national ID card

Why are waiting times occasionally long?

Occasionally, our customers will experience long waiting times due to reasons listed below. Strong, expedient efforts are made to eliminate delays immediately to prevent long waiting times and extension of work hours. Save time by making an appointment.

  • Computer systems outages/troubleshooting
  • Unique cases that require research
  • Shortage of ID Cards/DEERS agents due to deployments, training or emergencies

Is a SSN or ITIN mandatory?

Family members must provide their Social Security Number when enrolling in DEERS. The only exceptions are those not eligible for a SSN; the sponsor must provide the ITIN (Individual Taxpayer Identification Number) for these family members. If the SSN or ITIN is not provided within six months of being enrolled in DEERS, the family will not be eligible for treatment in the military medical treatment facilities.

Who are the Supporting Personnel Offices that can offer the mandatory verification of employment?

The following Supporting Personnel Offices verify customer's employment for issuance of ID cards to sponsors and their family members. The offices issue DD Form 1172-2 as appropriate. The verifying officials must have a DD Form 577 signature card/signature memo on file at the ID Card/DEERS office.

  • AAFES Personnel: AAFES Human Resources Office
  • Contractors: DOCPER
  • Contractors (Local): Local Contracting Office
  • DoD Civilian Employees: Civilian Personnel Activity Center (CPAC)
  • DoDEA Personnel: District Superintendent Office (DSO)
  • NAF Employees: NAF Human Resources Office
  • Retired Military Personnel: Personnel Services Battalion
  • Uniformed Personnel: Personnel Services Battalion