Fire & Emergency Services

Fire and Emergency Services guarantee a safe working and living environment, by providing our customers the most proficient fire suppression, emergency medical, technical rescue, hazardous materials intervention and fire prevention services to them. The Fire and Emergency Services will at all times maintain the ability to respond to our customers emergencies, protecting their life and property. Through continual customer contact the fire department management and employees will remain focused on the concerns of our internal and external customers, by providing an immediate correction, or avenue of correction for our customers based on their individual needs or situation.

Vision Statement

The vision of the Picatinny Fire & Emergency Services is to be an Accredited, progressive, all hazards response organization, which leads the Department of The Army in developing innovative and visionary programs that progress the future of the Army Fire Service.

Mission Statement

As first responders to fires, public safety and medical emergencies, the Picatinny Arsenal Fire and Emergency Services dedicates its effort to provide for the safety and welfare of the public through preservation of life, health, property, and the environment. The Department advances public safety through its training and education programs. The mission of Picatinny Fire and Emergency Services is to provide superior service to the Picatinny community with an aggressive all hazard response posture and a commitment to community risk reduction with a "service before self" attitude while ensuring a safe work environment for our team members. The timely delivery of these services enable the Fire Department to make significant contributions to the safety of Picatinny Arsenal.


Emergency 911
Prevention Bureau (973) 724-4949
Fire Chief (973) 724-9102
Deputy Fire Chief (973) 724-8045
Assistant Fire Chiefs OPS (973) 724-3097
Fire Prevention (973) 724-4949
Fire HQ Station (973) 724-3097
Navy Hil Station (973) 724-8045
Training Division (973) 724-9104


Services Provided by Picatinny Arsenal Fire and Emergency Services:

  1. Structural Fire Response
  2. Emergency Medical Services
  3. Wildland Firefighting
  4. Technical Rescue
    • Water Rescue
    • Automobile Extrication
    • High/Low Angle Rescue
    • Confined Space Rescue
    • Structure Collapse Awareness
  5. Hazardous Materials Response
  6. Other Fire Investigations and Response
    • Fire Prevention and Education
      • Education
      • Engineering
      • Enforcement
      • Investigation
  7. Training