Parks Reserve Forces Training Area

 The U.S. Army recognizes the importance of stakeholder participation in the Defense Environmental Restoration Program. Parks Reserve Forces Training Area (PRFTA) is soliciting the community members surrounding PRFTA to assess interest in forming a Restoration Advisory Board (RAB) to improve public participation and involve the community in the Camp Parks environmental restoration program.

If a RAB is formed it will include community members who reflect the diverse interests of the local community.  RAB members will be asked to review and comment on plans and technical documents relating to the ongoing environmental restoration activities at Camp Parks.  RAB members will have the opportunity to provide comments that may improve restoration designs.  Members will also be expected to serve as a voluntary liaison between the community and the Installation and be available to meet with community members and/or groups.  Community RAB members will receive no compensation for their service.  RAB meetings will be open to the public.

If a RAB is formed, members will be expected to serve a one- to two-year term and attend RAB meetings regularly. RAB applications will be reviewed by a selection panel formed from representatives from the Army, the community, and the California Department of Toxic Substances Control.  The selection panel will make recommendations to the Installation Commander for approval of RAB members.    To qualify for the RAB, interested parties must be local residents of Alameda or Contra Costa Counties, CA who are affected by activities at PRFTA.

Interested community members should contact: Thomas Ervin, Project Manager – Restoration at PRFTA Email: or by telephone at (925) 875-4682. Expressions of interest should be submitted on or before close of business on May 10, 2019.