Crime Watch

Want to know what's going on in your neighborhood crime wise? Crime Watch is the information link between the POM Police and the community. Crime Watch reports crimes that have occurred on the Presidio of Monterey and the communities on the Annex. Crime Watch reports criminal activity in your neighborhood and is updated weekly. Special Alerts are also a part of the Crime Watch system and notifies the community of crimes that are a concern to everyone. So stay alert and call 24-CRIME or 242-7463 and find out what's going on. Remember if you notice any suspicious persons, vehicles or activities in your neighborhood call the POM Police at 242-7851, 7852,7853.

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KidCare ID

Missing children have become an increasingly urgent national problem. Although no one has exact numbers, recent Department of Justice estimates suggest that more than one million children are reported missing each year. Having a current, high quality picture, fingerprints and emergency information improves the chances of finding missing children. KidCare I.D. provides this information, which is a vital tool in the recovery of a child. For more information about KidCare I.D. contact your Mayor at 242-5056 or the Presidio of Monterey Police Department, Crime Prevention officer at 242-7868. For additional information on missing children contact The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) at 1-800-THE-LOST or

Operation Identification

This program can be used in the home or by businesses for burglary prevention and property identification. Marking property with an identifying number can discourage burglary and theft. This number also helps law enforcement agencies identify lost or stolen property. Use your drivers license number and the state-identifier (CA for California). People who don't drive should use their California identification card number. These can be obtained from the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Electronic equipment such as radios, televisions, camera equipment, VCRs, compact discs, and tape decks attract thieves. Mark them along with sports equipment, small appliances and tools.

Small or very valuable items such as jewelry or antiques can either be engraved by a jeweler or photographed for identification purposes.

Call the Presidio of Monterey Police Department 242-7868, to borrow an electric engraving tool. Engraving tools are also available at hardware, department or variety stores at affordable prices.

List your engraved items and include their make, model, size, color, and serial number, if applicable. Record the exact spots where you engraved your identification number on each item. Keep a copy at home and in a secure place such as a safety deposit box.

For more information contact your Mayor at 242-5056 or the Presidio of Monterey Police Department, Crime Prevention Officer at 242-7868.

Neighborhood Watch

The Presidio of Monterey has an active Neighborhood Watch Program. Contact your Mayor at 242-5056 or POM Police Crime Prevention Officer at 242-7868, for more information on this Program.

Home Security Program

You don't have to be a victim of burglary. While it is one of the most frequently committed crimes, it is preventable. Most home burglaries are done by opportunists who spot an open window, a faulty lock or a house that looks like no one is going to be around for a while. In California, nearly one third of all burglaries are classified as 'no-force entries' because the burglars simply walked in through an unlocked door or climbed in an open window.

You can reduce the chance that this will happen to you. Contact your Mayor at 242-5056 or the Presidio of Monterey Police, Crime Prevention Officer at 242-7868 to find out what you need to do. Most of the suggestions will cost you very little, but they will contribute immensely to your peace of mind. They also safeguard your property. Remember-lock your doors and windows when you leave your home. If you have an alarm, use it. Do not become a crime statistic.

McGruff House Program

A McGruff House is a temporary haven for children who find themselves in emergency or frightening situations such as being bullied, followed or hurt while walking in that neighborhood.

Individuals who volunteer their homes as McGruff Houses agree to make emergency phone calls for children in trouble and watch out for neighborhood children as they go to and from school.

A McGruff House is not a medical aid station, a restaurant, or a public restroom. The program is not an escort service or a guarantee of safety. It is a short term interaction between an adult helper and a child needing help. It is a very effective way for communities to ensure the safety of their younger residents. The Presidio of Monterey Community currently has a McGruff Program. For more information contact your Mayor at 242-5056 or the Presidio of Monterey Police Department, Crime Prevention Officer at 242-7868.