Who can eat at the DFAC?

  • Service members
  • Military retirees
  • DoD civilians
  • DoD contractors working on FHL who possess a valid CAC

To ensure adequate support to Soldiers, who remain our primary customers, DoD civilians and contractors are limited to the last half hour of the published meal serving period. When the projected head count equals or exceeds 90% seating capacity, a sign will be posted at the entrance, restricting access to Soldiers only.

Soldiers and their family members in possession of PCS orders within 10 days of PCS may purchase meals regardless of these limitations.

Policy on Who Can eat at the DFAC

Policy on Uniforms and Appearance in DFACDFAC Missing Man.jpg

Depicted as Discount Rate 1/Standard Rate 2

Breakfast -- $2.60/$3.50
Lunch --       $4.30/$5.65
Dinner --      $3.70/$4.90