The Sustainable Range Program GIS Mission is to create, analyze, manage, and distribute authoritative standardized spatial information, products, and services for the execution of training strategies and missions on U.S. Army ranges and training lands. Through information excellence, one of the three tenets upon which the SRP was founded, the SRP GIS Program strives to provide the SRP community, trainers, and Soldiers with the ability to leverage the most accurate and complete datasets through easily accessible and user-friendly products and applications.

Providing SRP GIS support services is inherently iterative in nature and requires daily coordination, updates, and support to SRP program areas.    

Suspense timelines are often subject to schedules outside the control of the installation SRP support office.  SRP GIS products and deliverables are largely dependent on weather events, unit training schedules, land and range maintenance schedules, wildfire/natural disasters, and other garrison office timelines. 

SRP GIS support deliverables may be required in as little as one hour for range safety/scheduling and mission support products and in as little as 24 hours (next day) for project planning reviews (e.g. LRAM and Range Modernization projects), and approvals at other garrison and external offices (e.g. dig permits).