EEO Mission

The mission of the Equal Employment Opportunity Office is to manage the Commander's EEO program with the objective of eliminating unlawful employment discrimination. EEO provides quality program and management support services and promotes a diverse workforce founded upon equality of opportunity. It is the EEO Office's vision to have a workplace where every employee trusts they will be treated fairly and will be empowered to achieve their best. U.S. Army Africa (USARAF), U.S. Army Garrison Italy (USAG-I) and tenant unit Commanders have firm anti-discrimination and harassment policies of “Zero” tolerance. Managers and supervisors must implement EEO into all personnel management functions, such as recruiting, selecting, hiring, training, developing, promoting, reassigning, evaluating, awarding, counseling, disciplining or separating employees. Decisions founded on prohibited personnel practices, preferential treatment, bias, prejudice or retaliation are not condoned.