Our goal is to build a premier educational institution. We will leverage the cutting edge education programs and delivery methods of the long-established and constituent School for Family and Morale, Welfare, Recreation while rapidly expanding the offerings of the newly formed School for Installation Management and School for Service Culture.

Our schools will build on extensive partnerships with local governments and the nation's industrial base that are already mature in IMCOM day-to-day operations. This learning environment will enable the synergy inherent in our working relationships to drive increasingly diverse and innovative learning programs for our workforce.

Just as the Army University will become a premier learning institution for the Total Army developing military and civilian leaders, the training center will nest within that system and supplement the vision by being the single source in the Army for the discipline of installation management. This will be accomplished by blending best practices across the enterprise along with external knowledge resources into a relevant, agile, and adaptive curriculum at a universally accepted and highly accredited educational institution designed to optimize human performance.


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