Promote and tie the core Army Values into every aspect of our mission and training focus, as well as maximize Soldier potential by building trust and confidence in the chain of command.
Focus commanders and customers on the importance of the human dimensions of readiness.
Take care of Soldiers, family members and customers by treating them with dignity and respecting their concerns.
Create an environment conducive to open multi-directional communication between our customers and commanders.

Complaint Process:

If you can, try making an informal complaint. Report inappropriate behavior without initiating a full investigation. This may be most appropriate for minor infractions, where the complainant simply wants the behavior stopped.

Call the Equal Opportunity Office to clarify whether an incident or behavior
qualifies as an EO complaint/sexual harassment.

If the behavior persists:
File a formal written complaint (DA form 7279 - see links in the right column) with any of the following:

  • Chain of Command
  • Equal Opportunity Advisor
  • Inspector General
  • CHRRS Housing Referral
  • Judge Advocate General
  • Military police or criminal investigator
  • Chaplain
  • Medical agency

Complaints should be filed within 60 days of the incident--those filed after 60 days may be pursued at commander's discretion IAW AR 600-20.

3 days:
Complaints filed with outside agencies, except those filed with the IG, must be acted upon within three calendar days. Complaints filed with an agency against a member of the chain of command will be referred to the next higher commander in the chain.

14 days:
The commander or the investigating officer appointed by the commander have 14 calendar days to investigate the allegations. The commander must meet with the complainant and the alleged perpetrator to discuss the outcome and results. A 30-day extension may be granted from the next-higher commander if circumstances require it. Further extension can be approved only by the first general officer in the chain of command.

7 days:
The complainant and the alleged perpetrator have seven calendar days to appeal to the next higher commander if he or she is dissatisfied with the investigation results. That commander has 14 days to complete the investigation. Final decision on complaints rest with the General Court-Martial Convening Authority.

30-45 days:
Thirty to 45 days after final decision on the complaint, a follow up assessment is conducted by the equal opportunity advisor on all formal equal opportunity Complaints (substantiated and unsubstantiated). A report and recommendation are submitted to the commander who conducted the investigation.