Generations – Trends Impacting Families, Communities, and Congregations

Total Time: 90 minutes

“Like all other institutions in society, the church in America is greatly affected by the generational shifts that are transforming the way we come to believe, the way we communicate, and the way people form relationships with others. In fact, it could be said that churches, especially what researchers call the Oldline Protestant, are feeling the effects of generational change more profoundly than any other institution.” Craig Kinnet Miller

 This course will give you a better understanding of the generational issues that are impacting families, communities, and congregations today.


Module 1:  Overview (12:07 min)  

Module 2: Digital Children (12:32 min)  

Module 3:  Millennials & Postmoderns, Part 1 (6:28 min)  

Module 4:  Millennials & Postmoderns, Part 2 (13:20 min)  

Module 5:  Trends in Aging, Part 1 (14:33 min)  

Module 6:  Trends in Aging, Part 2 (5:13 min)  

Module 7: Practical Application – Submit your responses to the activities below as an email attachment to:

You will receive a certificate of completion from the Chaplaincy Academy for Religious Education.

BONUS! You will also receive a free copy of the book Lost in Transition: The Dark Side of Emerging Adulthood by Christian Smith with Kari Christoffersen, Hilary Davidson, and Patricia Snell Herzog. Please include your MPS mailing address for free delivery.

Activity:  In a paragraph, answer the following questions, “How would you describe the generational mix of your congregation? What are some of your the opportunities your congregation has for sharing across the generations?

Activity: Choose one of the generations featured in one of the modules above. List the following:
 1) a gift that generation brings to the table
 2) a particular challenge that generation faces