Jewish Holy Days and Holidays

Total Time: 60 minutes

“How does one keep alive that incredible feeling of encountering God at Sinai and feeling more human, more significant than you ever did before? One of the ways the Torah offers us is setting aside special days when ordinary concerns are transcended so that our souls are free to concentrate on the eternal…”
Harold S. Kushner

This course provides an overview of the religious calendar that shapes Jewish faith and life.


Module 1: Jewish High Holidays (2:48 min)  

Module 2: Rosh Hashanah (3:08 min)  

Module 3: Yom Kippur (3:21 min)  

Module 4: Passover (3:11 min)  

Module 5: Purim (2:42 min)  

Module 6: Hanukkah (2:27 min)  

Module 7: Tu B’Shevat (1:52 min)  

Module 8: Beit T’Shuvah (5:05 min)  

Module 9: Sukkot (2:34 min)  

Module 10: Shavuot (3:11 min)  

Module 11: Sephardic High Holidays (3:45 min)  

Module 12: Practical Application – Submit your responses to the activities below as an email attachment to:

You will receive a certificate of completion from the Chaplaincy Academy for Religious Education.

Activity: Starting with the first events in the Jewish year, Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, list Jewish Holy Days and holidays in calendar order. Next to each event make a brief note about what this event celebrates or remembers.