Bible Storytelling with Children

Total Time: 60 minutes

This course provides practical tips and creative ideas for how to tell engaging Bible stories to pre-school and school-age children. Catechists, Sunday School Teachers, Vacation Bible School Leaders, Parents, and others will all find helpful insight into the importance of passing along biblical stories of faith to the next generation.


Clip 1: Teaching Children CONTEXT for Bible Stories (3:39 min)

Clip 2: How to Teach a Bible Story 4 Different Ways (7:07 min)

Clip 3: 5 QUESTIONS for Bible Storytelling (4:28 min)

Clip 4: SNAP CHAT DRAMA: Teaching a Bible Story (3:30 min)

Clip 5: CHRISTMAS STAR – Sketching & Bible Storytelling (4:36 min)

Clip 6: Faith Stories with Prezi (4:22 min)


Practical Application - Submit your response to the activity below as an email attachment to:

You will receive a certificate of completion from the Chaplaincy Academy for Religious Education. Activity: Prepare to tell a Bible story. Write a brief description of your preparations that includes the following details: 1) Name of Story; 2) Biblical Text of Story; 3) Selected Audience for Story, either preschoolers or elementary; 4) Storytelling Method Used from Video Clips: Cube Story, Storybook, Flannel Basket, Bag, Snap Chat Drama, Sketch or Prezi; 5) Answers to the CONTEXT Questions highlighted in the Video Clips: Real Time, Real Place, Real People of Your Story; 6) Short Script for a Simple, Accurate, Memorable Story.