4MAT Teaching & Learning

Total Time: 120 minutes

OLA Intro: This course provides guidance for new teachers who want to tailor store-bought curriculum resources for their particular learners and more experienced teachers who want to create engaging learning experiences from scratch.
Course Intro: The 4MAT System, designed by educator Bernice McCarthy, is a process for designing instruction that builds on brain-based learning style theory.

Module 1: Introduction to 4MAT by Bernice McCarthy (9:45 min)

Module 2: Connecting to Learners: Step One of the 4MAT Cycle (9:47 min)  

Module 3: Attending to the Connection: Step two of the 4MAT Cycle (8:03 min)

Module 4: Imaging: Step Three of the 4MAT Cycle (8:27 min)

Module 5: Delivering Information: Step Four of the 4MAT Cycle (9:22 min)

Module 6: Practicing with 4MAT: Step Five of the 4MAT Cycle (9:09 min)

Module 7: Extending the Learning: Step Six of the 4MAT Cycle (9:32 min)

Module 8: Refining the Performance: Step Seven of the 4MAT Cycle (8:32 min)

Module 9: The Final Performance: Step Eight of the 4MAT Cycle (7:36 min)

Module 10: Practical Application – Submit your responses to the activities below as an email attachment to:  usarmy.sembach.imcom-europe.mbx.imcom-e-rso@mail.mil.

You will receive a certificate of completion from the Chaplaincy Academy for Religious Education.

Step 1: Take the Index of Learning Styles Questionnaire. See link in Supplementary Resources list below. This learning styles inventory is based on Kolb’s learning theory, a theory closely related to Bernice McCarthy’s 4MAT system.

Step 2: Write a paragraph response that identifies your learning style preferences according to the questionnaire and comments on how knowing your own preferences can help you as a teacher/leader.

Supplementary Resources