The Military Personnel Division (MPD) Family Travel office assists Soldiers and Family members with the below listed functions.

A request for an administrative action should be initiated by the Soldier and routed through his or her brigade or battalion S-1, or Personnel Office, and approved by the chain of command before being submitted to the Family Travel section for processing.

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Command Sponsorship pertains to Soldiers who have acquired a dependent through: birth, adoption, dual military couples, separation of one-half of a dual military couple, marriage or single Soldier pregnancy. 

If any of these situations apply to you, then you need to apply for Command Sponsorship. 

To be eligible Sponsors will be required to serve the tour prescribed for Soldiers with Family members (accompanied) or to have at least 12 months remaining on the accompanied tour length after arrival of their Family members, whichever is longer (refer to AR 614–30 for tour requirements).

An exception to the service remaining requirement is if the acquired Family Member is a bona fide resident of Hawaii

Step 1.

Initiate Family Member Travel Screening (FMTS) through the E-EFMP website.

FMTS How to Guide

(Family Member screening is not required for new children acquired through birth or adoption or the separation of one-half of a military couple). 

Step 2

Complete the On Island Command Sponsorship Checklist

Step 3.

Initiate a Personnel Action Request (PAR) in IPPS-A in accordance with your unit SOP.

Select Admin Corrections > Other > Command Sponsorship

Attached your completed On Island Command Sponsorship Checklist along with all required supporting documents.

The Packet will be submitted to:     User List ID: 000000000002719 
                    User List Name: HAWAII_MPD_FAMILY_TRAVEL 

Dependent Student Travel authorizes the Soldier one Government funded round trip per fiscal year (1 October to 30 September) for his or her dependent student between the student's school and the sponsor’s duty station or other such location to meet the Family for vacation, not to exceed the cost to the PDS.


Additionally, maximum of 350 pounds of unaccompanied baggage (UB) may be transported in connection with dependent student travel. Baggage may only be shipped when the transportation is provided by or reimbursed by the Government and may not be shipped independent of travel (for example, UB must be shipped within 60 days of the travel date).


To be eligible the dependent must be:

· Command Sponsored under the sponsor

· An unmarried dependent child under 23 years old

· Attending or will be attending a school in the United States to obtain a secondary (grades 9–12) or undergraduate college education.

· Enrolled in a full-time course of study or program. Full-time is defined as 12 semester hours


Request Dependent Student Travel:


Step 1.  Complete the Request for Dependent Student Travel


Route it along with supporting documentation to your HR Professional (S1 / Orderly Room)>Company Commander>Family Travel Section (UDL: 000000000002719)


Step 2. Upon receiving the signed Request for Dependent Student Travel from the Family Travel Section, upload it along with the supporting documents to DTS.


Dependent Student Travel DTS Guide