The Clean Water Program oversees the garrison's compliance with the Clean Water Act. We support the Army's efforts to perform its construction, training and daily operations in a manner that sustains Hawaii's naturally beautiful waters.

Spill Response Hotline

If you see anything other than rainwater going toward or into a storm drain, call the Spill Response hotline:

  • Hawaii Island: (808) 551-6148
  • Oahu: (808) 656-1111 or (808) 656-3279 (after hours)

Annual Storm Water Management Reports

Annual Reports for the Clean Water Program are available in the office of the Directorate of Public Works, Environmental Division, Bldg. 105,Wheeler Army Airfield.

Please call (808) 656-7001 to inquire about access to these documents.


Have a question about the Clean Water Program or the garrison's storm water management plan? Call us at (808) 656-3317 or submit your question/comment online!