IAW FRAGORD 01 to OPORD 473-23 (USARHAW Soldier Readiness Processing Site Utilization and Soldier Readiness Policy), L2 SRP deployment validation is required for TDY 30 or more days. If needed, this should be done at least 1-2 weeks prior to travel.
L2 SRP validation for individual Soldiers is valid for 90 days from the date stamped by the SRP Admin staff on each Soldier’s DA Form 7425 (Feb 15). 
The attached DA Form 7425 Deployment Checklist (Sample) is to show line by line validation responsibility as guide.
Redeployment (Reverse SRP)

Units preparing to redeploy must coordinate with their rear detachment and/or headquarters to schedule redeployment activities. POC at Desmond T. Doss Health Clinic (DDHC) is Mr. Matt Momiyama, Operations Officer, (808) 433-8502/8500 or at matthew.s.momiyama.civ@health.mil.
Units redeploying from CENTCOM, AFRICOM, and SOUTHCOM will complete all redeployment tasks as shown in the current 9-day (14 days for RC) redeployment schedule. Please see attachment 6 of the FRAGORD, which is the checklist to use for the full redeployment schedule.
Units redeploying from INDOPACOM AOR TDY missions such as PacificPathways are only required to complete the Day 5 Redeployment SRP (R-SRP) event. Please see attachment 7 of the FRAGORD, which is the redeployment checklist for these exercises.
Temporary Change of Station (TCS) Orders

Units tasked to support a contingency operation or Soldiers tasked to support a WIAS tasker must email their tasker to the SRP group email at USARMY Schofield Barracks ID-Pacific Mailbox TCS Orders SRPM usarmy.schofield.id-pacific.mbx.tcs-orders-srpm@army.mil.
Upon verification of the tasker, SRP will publish TCS orders and will be emailed to the Unit Tasking OIC/NCO or to the Soldier tasked to fill the WIAS tasker.

USAR and ARNG Soldiers mobilized in support of contingency operations w, task forces, and completing ADOS-RC mobilization will be issued a release from active duty orders (REFARD) and a DD214.  REFRAD/DD214 packet must be submitted to the Reserve Component Support Branch (RCSB) for processing.