Providing world class finance and accounting service for the military and defense agencies, the Army Military Pay Office at Fort Gordon provides military pay operations to Army Active Duty, Reserve, and National Guard Service Members. Our goal is to pay Soldiers what they are entitled to timely and with accuracy. We are a fully integrated financial service provider here to support and serve the brave men and women who serve our country and protect our way of life.


USAFMCOM serves as the Army's Financial Operations Center, executing financial operations and providing technical coordination and support on finance and comptroller activities across the Army. We support USAFMCOM mission and vision via four priorities - People, Readiness, Modernization, Reform through these lines of effort: Support current, deployed Finance and Comptroller operations; Ensure continuity of Army finance, comptroller, and accounting operations, Improve tactical Finance and Comptroller unit training, systems, guidance, and assistance; Improve systems, controls, and processes to achieve auditability; and Support military pay operations.

The Army Military Pay Offices are implementing the DFAS SmartVoucher (SV) Workflow system across CONUS installations and Japan NLT 31 Dec 21.  SV is a TurboTax-like version of the Military PCS Voucher, which a soldier can complete on both government computer with CAC or on their own personal communication device with myPay Login ID and Password.  It is a web-based system which walks the Soldier through a series of questions to complete their voucher during in processing, and allows for virtual submission. Soldiers can access SV at the following site:  Your servicing AMPO is FT Gordon.

The Army Military Pay Office (AMPO) will be conducting the Permanent Party In-Processing Briefing every Tuesday and Thursday by MS TEAMS effective 15 June 2021 starting at 0900.  

The information is also located on Intelink under Support Offices.  Intelink Page (Go under Support Offices for the AMPO then look under Documents):

Please see the information below to get access to the briefing:

Effective 15 June 2021: Please click here to access the virtual Finance In-processing Briefing.

(Please use Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome)

Smart Voucher Information can be found HERE.

After the briefing please send information to

Please submit the following documentation with your packet:

  1. Orders and any amendments
  2. Leave Form (DA 31) for our PCS leave and make sure block 16 is sign-in
  3. Commercial Travel  ( tickets and receipts), if applicable
  4. Original Lodging Receipts with a zero balance
  5. Receipts for any reimbursable expense of $75 or more
  6. Statement of non-availability for DLA claims (Single Soldiers, geographical bachelors, and Soldiers married to Soldiers not claiming dependents).

Please submit the digital IOP tool and all supporting document to the following email address to complete PCS in-processing:


The email also accepts documents for:


PCS out-processing

Reserve Pay

Separation and Transition Appointment requests


ALARACT 037/2021-  Please ensure to send all Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) change documents to the AMPO to update the Soldier military pay account.  Soldier will need to send the DA 5960 signed by the Commander, marriage certificate or divorce degree, court ordered child support agreements/birth certificate/certified court adoption order or decree, proof of support to certify a change in dependent status for BAH.

BAH OHA COLA Waiver Guidance

SMART Voucher is now available at FT Gordon for PCS Travel.  Soldiers can submit their travel claim in SMART Voucher for a more speeder return on pay.  Soldiers will still need to In-Process the Installation to be arrived and get the correct pay entitlements for FT Gordon.  Permanent Party In-Processing in on Tues and Thursday on Army 365 at 0900.  Soldiers will need to also have copy of their completed travel packet for the briefings.

SMART Voucher Link: or the quick link at MyPay page.

Getting started with SMART Voucher

Permanent Party In-Processing:  Tues and Thurs at 0900.  Please see link on the AMPO Homepage.

AMPO Hours of Operation:  Mon- Thurs 0800-1600.  AMPO operations on Friday’s are by digital mailboxes and emails.  Soldiers please go to your S1 to generate all inquiries on a DA 2142.


The Use/Lose block on the LES is based solely on the 60 day rule, and it will show any projection over 60 days at the end of the FY as use/lose.  It does not consider SLA.  If you have SLA, that will be reflected in the remarks section of your LES as COMBAT ZONE LV CARRYOVER BAL and you will not lose it until it expires, which for the COVID SLA carryover of FY20 end of year balance (120 days or less) is 30 Sep 23.

Leave earned from 1 October 2020 thru 30 September 2021 (Fiscal Year 2021 (FY21)), is NOT protected by Special Leave Accrual (SLA) and could be lost if not used or before 30 September 2021. [SLA continues to be authorized to Soldiers serving in qualifying Hostile Fire Pay and Imminent Danger Pay locations per AR 600-8-10 and DoD 7000.14–R] Leave accountability is based on a Last-In-First-Out (LIFO) system. The attached PDF examples illustrate LIFO and the need for Soldiers to carefully track their Regular Leave (green) and SLA (orange). The examples start with 80.5 days of leave accrued on 30 September 2020, and will demonstrate changes to the leave balance until FY22. The examples are not exact, as DFAS uses specific leave calculations to track leave, but shows how the process works. The results will be very close.

Key point to be aware of, the CZ Carryover Balance is not fixed.  Should you take more leave than what you have earned at the end of your leave period, it reduces the CZ Carryover Balance by the number of days in excess of what has been earned at that particular point.   

AMPO In-Processing Briefing will be on ARMY365 effective 15 June 2021.  Please see the attached for the new link for the briefing and the updated PCS Digital IOP Tool.  Please go to your S1 to set up all your appointments.

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