Date Modified Date Added Title Announcement Body
9/29/23, 12:39 PM 9/29/23, 12:39 PM Pumpkin Carving Contest Pumpkin Carving Contest October 31st. Drop pre-carved pumpkins off at the Command Building Conference Room prior to 11 a.m. to compete. Judging starts at 11 a.m.
9/29/23, 12:43 PM 9/29/23, 12:43 PM Road work outside main gate On Monday 2 October 2023 at 0800 the general contractor will begin trenching and installing electrical conduit from the light pole just inside the inbound side of the access control point to the existing main gate sign. This work is related to the replacement of the existing sign with a new main entrance sign. We anticipate little to no traffic disruptions during this phase.

As a safety reminder please reduce your speed around the active work area.