JVS SERVICES: If you find that soap or towel dispensers are empty, please report the deficiencies to the JVS desk at 282-6679.  This number is staffed from 0730-1600.  We appreciate your support identifying shortfalls for hygiene items.


PLEASE refrain from acquiring cleaning items from the JVS closets/cleaning trolleys.  These items are not self-service and are the property of the contractor to perform their work.  Individual organizations may acquire supplies for general cleaning from the AIB store. 


We are working with JVS to increase the frequency of cleaning in our common areas.  We ask your support in routine cleaning in your areas, just as we would for flu season, wiping down door handles, light switches, and other frequently touched items.


FACILITY ORDER DESK:  Any employee can call in minor maintenance requests.  Lightbulb outages, faulty automated doors, broken elevator, or any minor item.  282-5326


HAZARDOUS WASTE PICKUP:  Toner cartridges and aerosol cans (e.g. spray paint) can be placed in recycle receptacles located in various hallways throughout the installation. Deskside paper recycle bins are also available 282-6615.


EXCESS FURNITURE AND IT PICKUP:  Please do not put items for turn in/trash in the recycle areas or leave them in the hallway.  The proper procedure to turn in government equipment (IE chairs and computers) is to call 282-5665.