Resource Management Office

The Resource Management Office (RMO) provides overall management guidance and supervision of Garrison resources to execute the IMCOM mission.  It provides an accountability/productivity system for tracking and monitoring Garrison resources for program sustainment.  Daily activities are divided into two basic categories:  Budget and Accounting and Manpower and Agreements.

 The RMO serves as the liaison for the Civilian Welfare Fund for civilian employees who work for the Detroit Arsenal.

 Areas of Responsibility include:

  •    ATAAPS Management for Garrison Employees
  •    Budget and Accounting Advice
  •    Budget Preparation, Justification and Execution
  •    Status of Funds
  •    Contract Management Support
  •    Defense Travel System / Government Travel Charge Card Agency Program Coordinator
  •    DTS orders and travel voucher review
  •    General Fund Enterprise Business System (GFEBS)
  •    Government Purchase Card / Convenience Checks
  •    Invoicing/Receipt/Acceptance/and Property Transfer (iRAPT) / contract invoice Processing Assistance
  •    Personnel and Equipment Requirements and Authorization tracking
  •    Future year manpower programming changes
  •    Garrison Lead Defense Travel System Administrator (LDTA)
  •    Inter service Support Agreements/ Memorandums of Agreements / Memorandum of Understandings coordination and tracking
  •    Oversight of the Management Internal Control Program (MICP)
  •    Joint Reconciliation Program (JRP)
  •    Contingent Liability Reporting
  •    Unliquidated obligation (ULO) Management
  •    Unmatched Disbursement/Collection Resolution