For emergency facility repairs, please call the Help Desk 586.282.5326

The Directorate of Public Works is responsible for planning, directing, coordinating, providing staff supervision, and serving as the principal advisor to the Garrison Manager on all matters relating to engineering, maintenance and repair of real property, housing services, environmental stewardship, fixed facility energy conservation, master planning and space utilization within the garrison.

Housing Services Office | 586.282.9627
The Housing Services Office provides multiple housing relocation services for military members and civilians on orders to the Detroit Arsenal.  The Housing Office is responsible for assisting authorized personnel in locating suitable economy housing units and for ensuring that local landlords do not violate U.S. Army policy of non-discrimination.  The Housing Office also maintains listings of housing assets and coordinates with local economy officials for assistance in obtaining additional listings. <Click here to visit the Housing Office page.>

Engineering Services Division | 586.282.9271
The Engineering Services Division manages construction projects for the DPW within the garrison. The division provides technical advice and assistance to the Director, the Garrison Manager and garrison staff concerning construction, repair, and/or maintenance projects within the garrison footprint. Provides overall project management and design services for all construction, repair or maintenance projects beyond the scope of the Base Operations Maintenance Contractor.

Operations and Maintenance Division | 586.282.5296
Plans, coordinates, and accomplishes maintenance, repair and improvements to buildings, structures, roads, railroads, hardstands, improved/unimproved grounds and drainage systems. Responsible for the programming and repair of all community utilities systems. Manages Utility/Energy Monitoring and Control Systems and the energy program. Provides custodial services, solid waste collection and disposal and pest control services.

Environmental Division | 586.282.8345
Plans, directs, implements, and oversees the garrison environmental program. Provides for the preparation and review of environmental assessment and impact studies. Ensures Garrison compliance with all Federal, State and local environmental laws, all DOD, DA and IMCOM policies and directives and other environmental standards.

Master Planning Division |
Directs the Garrison Master Planning Functions. Performs planning and programming of the installation/facility development and stationing plans, facility utilization, property releases, acquisition, conversion, diversion, relocation, and disposal. Coordinates planned developments with other agencies, staff proponents, master planning boards, higher headquarters, and state authorities.

Business Operations and Integration Division | 586.282.6605
The Business Operations and Integration Division is responsible for the complete and overall functioning of the Directorate. Develops, implements and monitors processes for work flow, maintenance and repair programs, personnel, budget, resource management, and logistics. Additionally, the Housing Referral Services Office is a branch within the Division 586.282.9627.