Community Relations

The Community Relations section of Public Affairs supports the communities of the Colorado Front Range in coordinating Soldier support of parades, ceremonies and large community events. We also provide tours to large groups and speakers for community events.

Mailing Address

Public Affairs Office
ATTN: Community Relations
1676 Evans Street
Building 1220
Fort Carson, CO 80913


Commercial: 719-526-1246 | 719-526-1256
DSN: 691-1246 | 691-1256


Commercial: 719-526-1021
DSN: 691-1021


Click here to email the Community Relations Chief.

To schedule an event, please contact the Community Relations Office at least 120 days before the event. A Department of Defense Form 2536 is required to be filled out for all 4th Infantry Division Band, speaker, parades and any other community event requests. The link to this form is located below. Please fill out this form and fax it to the number or email above.