The Restoration Advisory Board works with APG on its environmental cleanup program. The Board reviews Army documents and plans, helps to develop priorities, and shares information with and solicits feedback form the community.


The U.S. Department of the Army is initiating the Sixth Five-Year Review of the environmental remedies implemented at Installation Restoration Program sites on Aberdeen Proving Ground (APG) in Harford and Baltimore Counties, Maryland. The focus of this National Priorities List five-year review will be sites on the Edgewood Area where remedial actions have been implemented and hazardous substances, pollutants, or contaminants remain above levels that allow for unlimited use and unrestricted exposure.

Edgewood Area sites that will be evaluated are situated in nine study areas and 33 operable units (OUs). They include the O-Field Study Area (four OUs), J-Field Study Area (three OUs), Canal Creek Study Area (eight OUs), Westwood Study Area (two OUs), Carroll Island Study Area (two OUs), Graces Quarters Study Area (one OU), Bush River Study Area (five OUs). Lauderick Creek study Area (three OUs), and Other Edgewood Areas Study Area (five OUs). Environmental remedies at these areas include an engineered landfill cap; excavation and disposal of contaminated soil, sediment, and ash; groundwater extraction and treatment; in situ groundwater treatment; phytoremediation; erosion controls; long-term monitoring; and land use controls.

The five-year review will be conducted to determine whether the remedies remain protective of human health and the environment and whether the remedies function as intended by the decision documents. It will also assess factors to determine if the remedies will continue to be protective in the future. The Edgewood Area Five-Year Review Report is scheduled for completion by December 2023. The Final Five-Year Review Report will be available for public review at:

*Edgewood Branch of the Harford County Library, 29 State Hwy 755, Edgewood, Maryland 21040
*Aberdeen Branch of the Harford County Library, 21 Franklin St, Aberdeen, Marvland 21001
*Clifton M. Miller Library at Washington College, 300 Washington Avenue Bldg. #MLAR4, Chestertown, Maryland 21620

Interested citizens can also participate in the five-year review process in several ways:

*Written comments or concerns can be sent to Directorate of Public Works - Environmental Division 6504 Rodman Rd, Bldg. 4304 Wing A - 3rd Floor, Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland 21005, c/o: Anna-Lisa Marcum.

*Verbal comments or concerns can be expressed by calling APG at 1-800-APG-9998 or the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Remedial Project Manager, Andrea Barbieri by email, at