Servicing more than 15,000 Army Retirees and 2,600 Widows and Widowers in our area of responsibility.

Our Mission:  Provide assistance to eligible active duty, Retired Soldiers, spouses, dependents, widows, widowers, former spouses, and veterans in solving personal affairs concerning benefits, entitlements, and privileges resulting from their military service. Assist active duty Soldiers requesting retirement and conducts Survivor Benefit Counseling to retiring Soldiers. Assist with transition from active duty to retirement- and assist Retired Soldiers with changes dealing with retirement pay operations.

Everything you need to know about Retiree and Veteran Services:

The Retirement Services Office at Fort Leonard Wood appreciates your dedicated years of service to our country. Whether you are retired or in the preliminary planning stages of retirement, we are eager to help you navigate through each step.

Additionally, we assist current retirees with a broad array of retirement questions. If we cannot help you in our office, we will point you in the right direction connecting you with the right agency/people for your retirement question or concern. Fort Leoanrd Wood's retirement office is here to help!

Our services consist of:

  • Pre Retirement planning — Pre-Retirement Counseling, SBP/RCSBP Counseling and Retirement Literature

  • Post Retirement support — Retirement Services Office (RSO), Retiree Appreciation Day (RAD), Newsletters, Assistance with pay, ID Cards, SBP and other benefits information

  • Retirement Planning -


  • Survivor Benefit Plan -



Effective Wednesday, 30 November 2022, Retirement Services Office will be closed on Wednesdays.

2023 Retiree Appreciation Days:  8-9 September 2023

Army ECHOES The Official Newsletter for retired soldiers, surviving spouses & families


44th Annual Retiree Appreciation Days Information


Helpful documents:


Fort Leonard Wood Pre-Retirement Brief Dates:

     13 June 23, 10 Oct 23

     13 Feb 24, 11 June 24, 8 Oct 24

Fort Leonard Wood Retiree Council Minutes Quarterly:


Upcoming dates:

     16 Aug 23, 15 Nov 23

Fort Leonard Wood Retiree Council Meeting Dates:

     21 Feb 24, 15 May 24, 21 Aug 24, 20 Nov 24