Mission Statement

Provide religious support across the full spectrum of training and operations at Fort Leonard Wood. Ensure all military personnel, family members, and civilians have access to free exercise of religion to include spiritual, moral and ethical leadership.

Commanding General's Vision for Religious Support:

"To be the Spiritual Community of choice, which Builds spiritual fitness."
"Practices faith through a full spectrum of worship and religious education opportunities."
"Supports one another in fellowship."
"Serves others compassionately."
"Supports and strengthens Army Values."

mainChapel.jpg Soldiers_Memorial_Chapel.jpg Bldg590_SMC_ChapelAnnex.jpg

Main Post Chapel

Soldier Memorial ChapelSoldier Memorial ChapelSoldier Memorial ChapelSolSoldiers Memorial Chapel

SMC Annex/Fellowship Hall

Central_Iowa_Chapel.gif South_Iowa_Chapel.jpg North_Iowa_Chapel.jpg

Central Iowa Chapel

South Iowa Chapel

North Iowa Chapel

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Specker Barracks Chapel

Youth Religious Education Center

Religious Support Office

Main Post Chapel

 Main Post ChapelMain Post Chapel