What are the requirements for gaining unescorted access to Ft. Leonard Wood (FLW)?

Any person 18 years and older not in possession of a DoD issued photo identification card must have a valid reason for entry, undergo a criminal history background screening, and if approved be issued a FLW pass.

What may prevent me from obtaining access to Ft. Leonard Wood?

If it is determined by a criminal history screening that you have derogatory information that may present a threat to good order, discipline, or health and safety on FLW you will be denied unescorted access. Such derogatory information may include, but is not limited to, the following: active warrants, barred from entering FLW or other federal installations/facilities, felony convictions, registered sex offenders, convicted for espionage, sabotage, treason, terrorism, murder, felony firearms or explosives violations, or armed robberies.

If I am denied unescorted access is there an appeal process?

Yes. If you are denied unescorted access to FLW you will receive a denial letter and FLW Form 1907, Waiver Packet Checklist. The letter and checklist outlines the waiver request process you must complete and submit.

What is the difference between unescorted access and escorted access?

US citizens with a validated reason to access and have passed the background screening may request an unescorted access pass. Escorted access requires a DoD ID cardholder accompany the visitor at all times while they are on FLW.

What is a valid reason for unescorted access to Ft. Leonard Wood?

Examples for unescorted access onto FLW may include: operating within a FLW or DoD contract, vendor or service agreement or service provider; a one day visit to Army museums, attend Morale, Welfare & Recreation activities such as fishing, hunting, golfing, bowling, etc; can demonstrate a valid need to use FLW as a thoroughfare; non DoD affiliated clergy; attending colleges on FLW; non DoD affiliated parents with children that attend Waynesville R VI schools on FLW.

I want to go to Popeye's, is that a valid reason to get a pass?

No. Patronage of eating establishments on FLW such as Popeyes, Burger King, Dunkin Donuts, shopping at FLW retail establishments and general sight-seeing are some examples of non-valid reasons to access FLW unescorted.

I and my family are traveling to Ft. Leonard Wood to attend a basic training family day and graduation. Do we need to get a pass?

Follow the guidance mailed to you by the graduating unit or organization. If you did not recieve this information contact the graduating unit or organization for further guidance.

How do I obtain a Ft. Leonard Wood pass?

If you are a contractor, subcontractor, vendor or service provider contact your company human resource manager or your DoD point of contact for information on how to pre-apply for a pass. If you are not in one of the above catgories or don't know contact the FLW Visitor Center at 573-596-0590 or 0356 for information on how to apply.

Can I apply for a pass in advance of my arrival to Ft. Leonard Wood?

Yes. You may pre-apply for a pass up to 30 days in advance. However pass applications may take up to 10 working days to process. This allows for your DoD point of contact to review and validate your pass request and the Visitor Center personnel to complete the background screeing process. Take this into consideration when applying.

How long is a Ft. Leonard Wood pass good for?

The length of time varies based on the demonstrated need for access and as validated by your DoD point of contact but will not exceed 12 months. A pass request longer than 72 hours will require a DoD sponsor/point of contact to validate your need for access. Pass requests for 72 hours or less may be validated by your DoD point of contact or by Visitor Center personnel.

I am a DoD ID cardholder can I escort or sponsor a non-DoD ID cardholder onto Ft. Leonard Wood?

Yes, however you must be 18 years or older to escort or sponsor a guest/visitor.

If you are a DoD ID cardholder and working as a contractor, subcontractor, vendor or service provider you cannot escort or sponsor anyone related to the furtherance of a contract, vendor agreement or service you are associated with.

I am a Ft. Leonard Wood issued passholder can I escort or sponsor persons onto Ft. Leonard Wood?

No. Your FLW pass was issued solely for the purpose of your entry through FLW Sverdrup, Waggner, South or East gates during the times and dates as validated by your DoD point of contact. You cannot enter FLW during times or dates not approved on your pass or enter onto to FLW by any other gate. You cannot escort or sponsor anyone onto FLW.

I have family buried in a cemetery on Ft. Leonard Wood; will I need to get a pass each time I want to visit?

Yes. You may stop at the Visitor Center or any operational gate of entry to get a one day pass when you visit.

I work for a Federal or State Agency as a Government/State employee; do I need a pass?

Yes. If you do not have a Federally issued PIV ID card, you will need a valid reason to enter, undergo a background screening and if approved be issued a FLW pass.

I am a DoD ID cardholder and live on Ft. Leonard Wood my adult age dependent lives with me but no longer qualifies for a DoD ID card. Can I sponsor them for a 12 month pass?

Yes. They must have a background screening completed and if approved you may sponsor them for a pass up to 12 months.

I am a disabled veteran with a Veterans Administration issued medical benefits card; do I need a pass to enter Ft. Leonard Wood?

Yes. You will need a valid reason to enter (ie., documented medical appointment), undergo a background screening and if approved be issued a FLW pass.

I am a DA civilian working on Ft. Leonard Wood can I sponsor my spouse for a pass?

Yes. You can sponsor your spouse for a FLW pass for up to 12 months at a time.

I am a divorced spouse no longer with a DoD ID card, I have a child that is a military dependent with an ID card. Can I get a pass to bring them on to Ft. Leonard Wood for medical appointments?

Yes. Contact the Visitor Center for information on obtaining a DoD sponsor and how to apply for a pass.

What if I forget my military CAC or ID?

You will be required to undergo a background screening and be issued a one day pass or you may choose to have someone bring your ID to you at the gate of entry.

How does my denial of access affect my job on Ft. Leonard Wood?

The background screening and subsequent denial of access based on derogatory criminal history is not related to your employment on FLW. This information is only used to determine suitability for Installation access and not releasble to your employer. Employment decisions are handled solely by your employer.

I am coming to attend a graduation on Ft. Leonard Wood and travel with a firearm for my protection. Can I bring it on post and store it in my vehicle or hotel room on post?

No. Ft. Leonard Wood does not offer a location on post for the temporary storage of firearms for visitors.

Am I allowed to bring a weapon on Ft. Leonard Wood if I have a concealed carry permit?