New Employees
Welcome to the Civilian Workforce Connection (CWC), your one-stop shop for civilian employees. This site incorporates up-to-date information relevant to all civilian employees and their leaders.  You will find required or mandatory training, personal and professional development, training schedules, local programs and services as well as links to other training and development sites.  It is our intent to make this a true one-stop shop for all your personal and professional development needs.

Here are some things you will find in this site:

New Employees - Transition is difficult at times, especially into a new job, new location, and new organization, and the Army is no exception.  The "New 
Employees" tab provides information to ease that burden and welcomes new
employees into the Fort Leonard Wood community with a Head Start 
Onboarding process.  
Training - Mandatory training requirements and links to access the training is
 now readily available with in this page.  Civilian Education System information is also captured in this page.  See what's required and what is highly 
Professional Development - Career advancement and changing careers 
requires continuous development.  This can come in the form of competitive 
details, local and/or self development opportunities, Career Program events, 
and self assessments.
Resources - Additional information associated with career planning, resume 
assistance, retirement planning, Thrift Savings Plan, and other highly sought
after information associated with Army Civilian Careers.